Keep Your Employees Around for Longer, by Establishing Workplace Therapy in Hobart

Low employee retention rates can cost your business a fortune in the long run. Between lost productivity, lost efficiency, reduced levels of customer service, reduced morale around the office and the expenses of recruiting, hiring and training a new employee, losing even a single employee can be costly to your company’s bottom line.

Some studies even indicate that a loss of an employee costs a company on average between six to nine months of that person’s salary. When you are losing valuable, high-earning employees or workers are exiting en masse; it’s easy to see how the expenses could put a real strain on a business.

The best way to stave off the costs of hiring new employees is to improve your employee retention rates, and the best way to do that is to provide a place where people want to work. By establishing workplace therapy at your Hobart business, you can take the first steps towards better retention.

If employees consistently feel stressed out about their jobs or if there is a lot of conflict and tension at work, employee retention rates are going to drop. Workplace therapy in Hobart can address these issues by making your employees feel heard and valued. By giving your employees a chance to voice their concerns or struggles, you posit yourself as an employer who cares about the mental health, happiness and overall wellbeing of your employees. This image can in turn result in better morale, a more positive office environment and less staff turnover.

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