Feeling Stressed at Work? Seek the Help of Workplace Therapists in Hobart

Are you feeling stressed or overworked at your job, to the point where the issue is starting to affect other parts of your life? All of us go through a little stress at work from time to time, but when your stress reaches a point where it is impacting your relationships, your enjoyment of things outside of work or your overall mental health, then it’s time to speak to somebody.

At The EPICentre, we want to help you through whatever it is you are facing at work. We are workplace therapists in Hobart, which means that we can assist you in identifying the major stressors in your work life and use that information to help you get your life back on track. Whether you are feeling overworked, disrespected by a manager, stressed out about an ongoing conflict with a co-worker or depressed for a reason that you can’t quite put your finger on, we will work with you to break down those walls and find a way forward.

No matter what it is you are facing, you can expect a fully confidential environment when you come to The EPICentre and speak with one of our workplace therapists in Hobart. In fact, when you arrive for a counselling session, you won’t even speak to a receptionist. Instead, you will deal directly and exclusively with your counsellor. We believe that this structure ensures the most secure, confidential and judgement-free situation possible.

When you hit a patch of insurmountable stress at work, it doesn’t just make you less effective at your job. On the contrary, it also can also put a strain on your relationships, cause you to shirk responsibilities at home and perhaps even push you into a mental state that is unsafe. If you feel like any of these characteristics describe your situation, contact The EPICentre today to schedule a first appointment. You can reach us by dialling 6228 5535.