Hello Darren
Laura and I have found your counselling very helpful and unforgettable. We feel that your counselling set us on the right path for life and we are very thankful for that as we remind ourselves each day. Thanks for being a great listener and our counsellor, helping us build a stronger relationship with the tools for a great marriage. We felt that you have provided us with the best possible help and we feel very privileged.

- Brett

Hello Darren
I’m not sure if you will remember me but I came to see you about a year ago. I was living with my partner who is an alcoholic. I have been meaning to write for a while now and thank you for your time. It was me coming to see you which triggered the beginning of my new life. I am now living on the Central Coast and have been sober myself for 10months. Life is good! It was hearing you tell me about enabling is actually disabling Mary and that is when things started to shake, when I started to see that this needed to stop before one of us ended up dead. Now in reflection I have been able to see my own drinking was a problem and have gotten myself on a wonderful solid track of sobriety! So Thank you! HUGE THANKS from me! You are great!

- Amanda

When you look back on things, it is amazing sometimes to see how obvious your emotions, feelings and behaviour are to both yourself and to those around you.  But at the time, you don’t see it that way and despite people telling you to seek support, you don’t think it will help, -it does.  Accessing the counselling services at the epicentre provided me with the skills to look back on how I was feeling and transform my views on my personal and professional life.  The end result is that I am a completely different person with a more positive outlook that was able to better recognise and react to the way I was feeling to always seek a positive viewpoint.  The end result being that I have been able to move forward out of that ‘rut’ and have never looked back.  This has not just been for my own benefit, but also for that of my family and friends.

- Brad