How Sex Therapists in Hobart Help You with Intimacy Issues

There is a lot of talk about sex, and what sexual practices are healthy in relationships. The truth is, the only ‘right’ amount of intimacy in a relationship is that which is carefully balanced between two consenting partners. This means that real problems can and do occur when partners in a relationship become imbalanced and are unable to reconcile their differences when it comes to the level and type of intimacy shared in their partnership. This is where sex therapists in Hobart can help couples open up a dialogue about intimacy and to reconcile these differences.

It is crucial to understand that real dysfunction occurs not when there is an occasional problem, but when these intimacy issues become a real source of frustration for one or both partners in a relationship. Sexual difficulties can come from many different sources – physical, psychological, or social – and sex therapists in Hobart can get to the root of one or all of these problems in their sessions to help couples overcome these problems and effect real and lasting change. This helps to build better, stronger, and lasting relationships.

While it can be challenging to talk about sex, it is the firm belief of the professionals at The EPICentre that overcoming these difficulties can be foundational for overcoming many other problems within relationships. Seeing sex therapists in Hobart either alone or as a part of overall couples therapy can be a valuable part of building better partnerships, for those in long-term relationships as well as for newer couples looking to build stronger bonds. If you are interested in learning more, you can contact our therapists today or set up an appointment through our website.