Although some gay, lesbian and bisexual (GLB) individuals experience little, if any, conflicts with their sexual identity, others feel distress involving dissonance between sexual feelings and other important personal values and attitudes (e.g., religious beliefs/values).  People experiencing such conflict often experience a host of problems as the result of being unable to resolve what they perceive to be irreconcilable differences between their values and attitudes and sexual feelings.

A variety of conflicts can occur. For instance, sexual reorientation research participants wanted to change their sexual feelings to pursue traditional values regarding marriage and family. Many of the participants also desired a more traditional sexuality. Finally, as stated before, a common source of identity dissonance is conflict between religious beliefs and same-sex attractions.

The goal of counselling is to explore with the client his or her conflicts with sexual identity and to respect the choices and path the client wishes to pursue, but at the same time maintaining a duty of care to the client.

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