Counsellors at The EPICentre are highly skilled, university qualified in relationship counselling, and experienced relationship counsellors able to work with a wide range of relationship dynamics, such as:

  •  Marriage counselling
  •  Pre-marital counselling
  •  De-facto relationships
  •  Non-cohabitating relationships
  •  Same-sex relationships
  •  Post separation counselling
  •  Trial separation counselling

Our counsellors will work with the individual and/or couple to assess and determine the contributing factors that may be placing a strain on the relationship dynamic, such as: interpersonal communication difficulty, work stress, loss of or difficulty with physical intimacy and emotional connection, physical and/or mental illness, financial stress, extended family strain and/or interference, substance abuse and addictions, infidelity, clash of parenting styles, defiant and difficult children, becoming a parent, losing a loved one, and so on.

Strategies, plans, and techniques will be discussed with the individual and/or couple to better manage and cope with the range of stressors that test all relationship dynamics from time to time during our lives. Counselling also provides a non-threatening environment for individuals and couples to express feelings and thoughts without judgement or blame.

Counselling therapies used when exploring couple difficulties are always evidence-based, and usually an eclectic approach is applied. For example, Emotional Focused Therapy, Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT), Behaviour Therapy, and Interpersonal Communication Training are just four evidence-based models that are successfully used to manage and find solutions to a wide range  of couple difficulties.

The number of sessions vary depending on the complexity of the presenting issues, however generally the couple counselling process lasts between 1 – 8 sessions spread over weeks or months. Usually couples will attend counselling on a weekly basis for the first two to three sessions, and then fortnightly and monthly thereafter.

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