To the employee:

If your employer does not have a EAP program and you are needing to see a counsellor but cannot afford to or at work all day then click on the brochure link provided, print it out and show your employer today. Or alternatively email them the link to this page.

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To the business owner or employer:

The EPICentre Counselling service is pleased to be able to offer discrete, confidential and competitively costed counselling assistance for your employees and staff undergoing stress at work or at home.

The capacity to offer your staff counselling can have longer term financial and social benefits for your valuable workforce, such as:

  • reduced employees workers compensation claims;
  • reduced rates of stress leave;
  • reduced conflict in the workplace;
  • promotion of wellbeing and mental health of workforce; and
  • reinforcement of healthy workplaces.

We are an established counselling/psychotherapy practice offering employers and business owners a range of expert counselling for staff and employees affected by stress, trauma, critical incidents, injury or conflict.

Each counsellor is fully accredited with the Australian Counselling Association or Australian Psychological Society, a member of the Tasmanian Counselling Network, and has many years’ experience working with clients who have complex issues at work and at home.

We would value being able to discuss our service with you at your convenience should you feel we can provide your business with the tailored personal support you may need. Click on the brochure link detailing the Employee Assistance Program (EAP) offered by The EPICentre.

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To make an appointment contact us today.