Get Your Marriage Back on Track, with Relationship Counselling in Hobart

Admitting that your marriage has gone off track can be an incredibly difficult thing to do. Acknowledging the fact that you and the person you love most have lost your connection or hit a rough patch that you cannot navigate out of alone requires a lot of introspection and humility, and isn’t something that all couples are willing to do.

As the old saying goes, though, admitting the presence of a problem is the first step towards a solution. At The EPICentre, our relationship counselling in Hobart can help you keep making progress after the admission is made. Darren, one of our core therapists, has spent over ten thousand hours with individuals, couples, families and groups—much of that time devoted to discussions about relationship issues. Darren, with his deep knowledge of relationship dynamics, uses evidence-based techniques to help you and your spouse identify where your relationship went off track and to assist you in righting the ship.

Marriage is a precious and sacred thing, and it’s something that is worth defending—even when the waters get rough. At The EPICentre, we are a husband and wife duo ourselves. Family and marriage are the epicentres of our lives, and we recognise that they might have the same level of meaning for you. As such, you can expect us to work as hard to save your relationship as we would to save ours.

Is it time for relationship counselling in Hobart? Take the first step today and call The EPICentre on 6228 5535. With us, the next steps, no matter what they are, aren’t ones you will have to take in the dark.