Bridge the Gaps in Your Marriage with a Family Mediator from the EPICentre in Hobart

The process of raising a child is complicated, and in spite of thousands of years of human experience, there’s really no manual on the “right” approach to child rearing. Although having a baby is a joyous event, it can also bring stress into a couple’s life that lingers for years. That stress can become even harder to deal with when you begin to tackle tough questions such as where you will send your child to school, what religion they will be raised in, and other such matters.

If you are running into difficulties with your spouse and you are at loggerheads over these core questions, it can feel like your marriage is in turmoil. Turn to the family mediator in Hobart you can trust in this trying time. At The EPICentre, we focus on providing a compassionate environment where we employ evidence-based dispute resolution. Jeanette Radley, our family mediator for Hobart spouses, is nationally accredited and highly experienced in aiding couples in resolving their disputes.

Don’t let the issues linger and allow resentment to build; the EPICentre offers the ability to schedule your appointment without a referral. We are frequently able to get you in to see our family mediator in Hobart within a week of your enquiry. With competitive rates and an environment geared towards your comfort, the EPICentre is an excellent source of quality therapy. When you want to solve your problems now instead of later, give our friendly office a call. Make your appointment by calling on (03) 6228 5535, or visit our contact page to discover other ways to reach us.