Looking for Family Mediation in Hobart? Come to a Counselling Centre with a Registered Family Dispute Resolution Practitioner

Whether you just separated from your partner and are unsure of how to work out parenting issues, or are simply tired of fighting with a sibling or parent, family mediation in Hobart might be the answer. A family mediator can help you to resolve disputes and come to equitable agreements—things that aren’t always possible in the heat of an argument at home.

If you need a family mediator, look no further than The EPICentre. Jeanette Radley, one of our therapists, is a registered Family Dispute Resolution Practitioner (FDRP) with the Australian Attorney General. Thanks to her qualifications and experience, Jeanette can offer clear, calm and constructive mediation and counselling to strained partners or families, all with the goal of finding a solution that works for all parties. Jeanette can also prepare Section 601 certificates, for family dispute resolution and parenting plans.

Not all counselling centres can claim to have a registered and accredited FDRP on staff. While these centres can still offer family mediation, they cannot do so with the same expertise and experience as we can at The EPICentre, nor can they prepare dispute resolutions or parenting plans for the court. As such, if you are pursuing family mediation in Hobart under a recommendation or order of the court, The EPICentre is one of the few counselling centres in the area that will meet the necessary criteria.

Learn more about Jeanette Radley’s FDRP accreditation or about other factors of family mediation by calling The EPICentre on 6228 5535.