The EPICentre Offers a Wide Variety of Services for Couples Therapy in Hobart

Relationships are a challenging part of anyone’s life. Regardless of your personal background, experience, or demeanour, odds are you have struggled in a relationship at one point or another that could have benefited from therapy. Whether you had issues interpersonally during the relationship, issues with sex, or even issues after you separated, The EPICentre provides therapy specifically geared towards each of these potential relationship problems. We recognise the many reasons that relationships struggle and understand that any of them could cause an unnecessary emotional hardship. We are the only full-service option that covers each of these areas for couples therapy in Hobart.

Darren and Jeannette Radley started The EPICentre almost ten years ago and have since put in nearly 20,000 hours of therapy between them. Starting off by dealing with more traditional mental health issues such as depression, stress, and anxiety, they eventually moved into the area of relationships. And as of now, they are the only fully qualified sex therapists in the area. As a result, they are not just one of the most experienced firms in the area, but the only one equipped with every possible tool when it comes to couples therapy in Hobart.

Although the emphasis of The EPICentre has shifted primarily to providing couples therapy in Hobart, we want to stress that it is our aim to provide therapy for anyone in need. We do not require medical referrals, so booking appointments with us is quick and easy. Give us a call today.