What You Can Expect from a Qualified Couples Therapist in Hobart

Every relationship has its challenges. From difficulties in communication to coming to terms with family issues and more, it can sometimes be more fruitful to contact an expert to help mediate these issues and to facilitate healthy growth within that relationship. However, it can still be intimidating for any two individuals in a relationship to admit that they are in need of a couples therapist, much less to set out and make that first appointment. Often, that intimidation can be alleviated by knowing what to expect when you see a couples therapist in Hobart.

When you make an appointment with a couples therapist in Hobart, one thing that you should know is that exactly what you get out of your sessions will vary depending on what it is that you and your partner need. Just as every relationship is different, so too is every relationship that a couple has with their therapist. From the very beginning, a couple will sit down and discuss the problems that they are having and they will open up a dialogue with their therapist about their goals and the expected outcomes of their therapy so that they can grow and progress as desired.

The EPICentre works with couples of all types, from those who have been in long-term relationships to those seeking premarital counselling and much more. The EPICentre works with issues such as financial stress in relationships, cohabitation issues, interpersonal communication, issues in parenting and much more. All couples are welcome regardless of sexual orientation. Contact us today to learn more or to set up an appointment.