The EPICentre’s Counselors in Hobart Are Highly Experienced, Compassionate, and Ready to Help You

Everyone feels sad from time to time in their lives; that’s a normal part of being human. When you feel sad most of the time, however, and small stresses seem to expand rapidly into major anxieties, the way you feel can take over your life. Whether you’ve lost interest in your hobbies or you are struggling to keep up in school or at work, depression may be having a real effect on your life. If you struggle with feelings of depression, you know that feeling better is not simply a matter of “being happy.” There is no magical switch to flip. When you feel this way, though, an excellent option is to schedule a visit with the patient and highly experienced counselors in Hobart at The EPICentre.

Has your depression been caused by a divorce or family dispute? We have counselors for Hobart residents specially trained in these areas and ready to assist you. All visits are fully confidential, and sessions are affordable with our competitive rates. The EPICentre is a judgement-free zone where you can feel comfortable being yourself and speaking about your problems. Our counselors in Hobart, Darren and Jeannette Radley, have tens of thousands of hours in combined experience and a passion for delivering evidence-based mental health care.

When you need help managing your depression and anxious feelings, reach out to us! We offer Skype counseling for those who would prefer to avoid in-person sessions. At The EPICentre, we do everything possible to be accommodating to our clients. Please visit our contact page for more information on booking an appointment.