Learn How to Manage Your Stress Effectively with Counselling in Hobart from the EPICentre

In the rapid pace of the modern world, stress is a very real factor in the lives of many Australians. Rather than simply being an unpleasant feeling or discomforting state of mind, it can have real physical effects on the body. From aching muscles to upset stomachs, from fatigue to anxiety, stress just doesn’t make us feel good at all.

With high-pressure environments more common than ever, it’s also playing a bigger role in our lives than before. Whether you are feeling overwhelmed by all the assignments and responsibilities you have at school, or you work in a difficult environment that takes its toll, stress is exhausting. You are not alone in experiencing difficulties with managing your stress! That is why at The EPICentre, we open our arms to provide caring counselling in Hobart.

We offer confidential individual counselling to Hobart residents without the need for a referral from another doctor. We can help you learn techniques to manage and cope with your stress, whether it is related to work, study, your personal finances, or even your body image. We are also an LGBTI-friendly counselling practice in Hobart; if you are feeling stressed and upset about gender issues, please get in touch. Our experienced and accredited therapists are ready to provide you with the caring and calm environment you need to get away from your stress long enough to sort it out. For more information on how we can help you or to book an appointment with us, phone our office on (03) 6228 5535.