How the Office Can Benefit from Workplace Counselling in Hobart

In many ways, the workplace is a sort of family away from family. People certainly spend as much time with their co-workers as they do with their families, and the hierarchies that develop – both logistically and naturally …read more .

Learn How to Manage Your Stress Effectively with Counselling in Hobart from the EPICentre

In the rapid pace of the modern world, stress is a very real factor in the lives of many Australians. Rather than simply being an unpleasant feeling or discomforting state of mind, it can have real physical effects on the body …read more .

Looking for a Counselor in Hobart? The EPICentre is Well Equipped to Provide the Care You Seek

Making the choice to begin seeking a counselor in Hobart is not always an easy first step to take. You may feel anxious or nervous about approaching another individual and sharing your thoughts, feelings, and the issues in your …read more .

The EPICentre’s Counselors in Hobart Are Highly Experienced, Compassionate, and Ready to Help You

Everyone feels sad from time to time in their lives; that’s a normal part of being human. When you feel sad most of the time, however, and small stresses seem to expand rapidly into major anxieties, the way you feel can take over …read more .

If You and Your Significant Other Are Struggling Call The EPICentre Today for Couples Counselling in Hobart

Therapy can be a sensitive subject for anyone as it’s not always easy to share our innermost feelings with others. But that doesn’t change the fact that every so often you may need help coping with either some jarring circumstance …read more .

What You Can Expect from a Qualified Couples Therapist in Hobart

Every relationship has its challenges. From difficulties in communication to coming to terms with family issues and more, it can sometimes be more fruitful to contact an expert to help mediate these issues and to facilitate healthy …read more .

The EPICentre Offers a Wide Variety of Services for Couples Therapy in Hobart

Relationships are a challenging part of anyone’s life. Regardless of your personal background, experience, or demeanour, odds are you have struggled in a relationship at one point or another that could have benefited from therapy …read more .

Learn How to Heal Your Relationship with Your Siblings with Family Counselling in Hobart

Growing up, sibling rivalries are often written off as simply “kids being kids.” A little competitive spirit can even be a good thing in many situations. However, as you progress into adulthood, complicated relationships with your …read more .

Keep Your Marriage Together; Call a Counsellor Today at The EPICentre in Hobart

Despite what movies, television, and even books would have us believe, marriage is not always a happy walk in the park. There are real and tough issues that face every couple, and as the years go by, difficult life …read more .

Looking for Family Mediation in Hobart? Come to a Counselling Centre with a Registered Family Dispute Resolution Practitioner

Whether you just separated from your partner and are unsure of how to work out parenting issues, or are simply tired of fighting with a sibling or parent, family mediation in Hobart might be the answer. A family mediator can help you …read more .

Bridge the Gaps in Your Marriage with a Family Mediator from the EPICentre in Hobart

The process of raising a child is complicated, and in spite of thousands of years of human experience, there’s really no manual on the “right” approach to child rearing. Although having a baby is a joyous event, it can also bring …read more .

What Is a Mindfulness Therapist? How Hobart’s Best Can Help You

Have you ever wished that you could be more ‘present’? Many people find themselves burdened with stress, living their lives either trapped in memories of the past or caught up in future worries. This can become a big problem …read more .

Exploring the Benefits of Mindfulness Therapy in Hobart

Every individual has at some time encountered feelings of stress and anxiety, but have you ever wondered what the cause of stress really is? There are good forms of stress that drive us forward, prompting us to take on new …read more .

Get Your Marriage Back on Track, with Relationship Counselling in Hobart

Admitting that your marriage has gone off track can be an incredibly difficult thing to do. Acknowledging the fact that you and the person you love most have lost your connection or hit a rough patch that you cannot navigate …read more .

The Convenience Factor of Choosing The EPICentre as Your Relationship Therapist in Hobart

Making a time to visit a counsellor is difficult enough when you only have to worry about your own schedule. Find a time to speak to a relationship therapist in Hobart can be even more difficult because you have two schedules …read more .

The EPICentre: A Place for Open and Accepting Relationship Therapy in Hobart

When you come to The EPICentre for relationship therapy in Hobart, you can expect nothing less than the most open, accepting and judgement-free environment possible. We recognise that going to counselling with your partner …read more .

How Sex Therapists in Hobart Help You with Intimacy Issues

There is a lot of talk about sex, and what sexual practices are healthy in relationships. The truth is, the only ‘right’ amount of intimacy in a relationship is that which is carefully balanced between two consenting …read more .

Understanding the Finer Details of Sex Therapy in Hobart

The concept of ‘sex therapy’ may make some people a little bit uneasy, or can even be a little bit intimidating to think about. However, sex therapy can be a vital tool in helping to build better, stronger partnerships between …read more .

Feeling Stressed at Work? Seek the Help of Workplace Therapists in Hobart

Are you feeling stressed or overworked at your job, to the point where the issue is starting to affect other parts of your life? All of us go through a little stress at work from time to time, but when your stress reaches a point …read more .

Keep Your Employees Around for Longer, by Establishing Workplace Therapy in Hobart

Low employee retention rates can cost your business a fortune in the long run. Between lost productivity, lost efficiency, reduced levels of customer service, reduced morale around the office and the expenses of recruiting …read more .